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Oleophilic Fabric_NET Accessories

These fabrics are made of patented polypropylene materials extruded with a special texture to enhance the oleophilic properties. Belt sizes range from 1-inch to 36-inches in width

Order # OF Series Type: Flat and Round

Weighted Tail-Pulley-NET Accessories

Properly designed and calibrated weights are key to successful installation of the NET system

Order #: WP Series Type: Stainless Steel

Riser Extension Kit

In an above-grade installation, a riser assembly is required to facilitate gravity drainage and to prevent wind-blown spills. Weather-proof enclosures are available

Order #: RA and WP Series Type: PVC or variable

Below-Grade Assembly_NET Accessories

The NET systems can also be installed flush-to-grade if above-grade installations are undesirable. Transfer pumps are available to convey product to a remote location.

Order #: BG Series Type: Standard or Explosion-proof

Above-Grade NET Stand Mounting Kit

In an above-grade installation, a stand mounting kit provides a stable platform and and elevates NET for proper gravity drainage at oil into the collection drum. This allows for easy changeout at drum

Oil/Water Decanters_NET Accessories

In slow product recharge environments, EIC recommends a mini- oil/water decanter to separate small quantities of water recovered.

Order # OWD Series Type: Stainless Steel

Solar Panel/Mounting Kit


Telemetry System

Remote sites can be operated and/or monitored using a telemetry system. Options include secure web-enabled applications for world-wide access

Order # TS Series Type: Touch Screen or SCAD

Ultrasonic Dual Level/Single Gap Probe

Drum Pump

High-Level Float Switch.

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