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How NET™ works and Key Features



The process, known as NET™, utilizes an oleophilic/hydrophobic fabric capable of adsorbing the product with a 99% recovery efficiency. The fabric is conveyed in a continuous loop into the well to intercept the oil-water interface. As the fabric travels through the interface, product is adsorbed. The adsorbed product is removed in a specially designed desorption unit and the recovered product is gravity drained into a storage drum or tank. The recovered product can be periodically transported to a recycle facility for reuse. The system can also be used to conduct recovery/recharge tests to identify the true product recharge potential.


  • Unlike ordinary belt skimmers or mop skimmers that are primarily applicable for indoor environments, NET Systems are more advanced and are engineered both for indoor and for field use.
  • Deploys in wells as small as 2 inches in diameter and to depth up to 400 feet below grade.
  • NET fabric lengths can be adjusted in the field.
  • LPH recovery down to sheen in hours
  • Can be integrated with a G.W. depression pump or VES.
  • Can adapt to wide water-table fluctuations(over 20 feet).
  • Variable recovery rates range from less than 1 gallon per day(gpd) to greater than 240 gpd ( 1 to 900 lpd).
  • Recovered product can be recycled.



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