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  Eliminates Perpetual LNAPL & DNAPL Liabilities      

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(NET® installed at a NAPL spill site in the US)

  OPTIONAL WIND, SOLAR, OR HYBRID Solar, Wind, or Line Power WORKS WITH INFINITE RANGE OF WATER TABLE FLUCTUATIONS Works in infinite range of water level fluctuations  


  At 99% oil-NAPL ratios, disposal costs are minimal  


  Based on three deaces of experience in addressing petroleum and chemical spills, EIC has developed a simple but practical solution to recover both light and dense non aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL and DNAPL), also known as free phase product. The solution led to the development of a process which recovers primarily the product thus eliminating the need to pump groundwater associated with conventional remedial techniques.

The process, known as NET™, utilizes an oleophilic/hydrophobic fabric capable of adsorbing the product with a 99% recovery efficiency. The fabric is conveyed in a continuous loop into the well to intercept the oil-water interface. As the fabric travels through the interface, product is adsorbed. The adsorbed product is removed in a specially designed desorption unit and the recovered product is gravity drained into a storage drum or tank. The recovered product can be periodically transported to a recycle facility for reuse. The system can also be used to conduct recovery/recharge tests to identify the true product recharge potential.


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