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JAN 2010, THE BAHAMAS:  A major industrial facility in The Bahamas was the subject of an air quality emission complaint from the neighborhood.  To evaluate the source and levels of air quality emissions, the facility retained EIC to develop a fence-line air monitoring (FAM) systems.  The purpose of the FAM was to establish an early warning system of potential air emission hazards from both on-site or off-site sources.  Based on the site background information, EIC developed and implemented a FAM system using wireless monitors that transmit continuous monitoring data to a remote host.  The system consisted of eight stations that transmit the monitoring data to a remote host computer via radio frequency (RF) transmission. Additional stations (for up to a total of 32 remote stations) can be added or the prevailing stations can be moved to suit the needs of the VTB.   Currently, EIC is developing a meteorological station to augment the FAM data.


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