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JUN 2010, WASHINGTON, DC:  On June 8, 2010, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Raj Mahadevaiah, President & CEO of EIC, a second patent for his new invention entitled "Multiphase-liquid Level Data Logger (MLLDL).  The  MLLDL (Patent No. 7,730,779) simultaneously measures LNAPL or DNAPL thicknesses and water level fluctuations in a variety of settings such as containers, drums, tanks, wells, rivers, oceans, and other surface and subsurface environments at user desired frequencies (seconds to hours or days).  In particular, the MLLDL can fit in wells and openings as small as 2-inches in diameter.  This important invention is very useful in assessing and remediating oil and chemical spills.  The MLLDL will substantially increase the recovery efficiencies enabling petroleum and chemical industry reach remedial end points in record time at reasonable costs.  The new invention will not only eliminate wasteful spending but also perpetual cleanup programs.


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