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JUN 2011, HOUSTON, TX:  Vopak, a global leader in independent bulk liquids storage provider in 31 countries, retains EIC for multimedia environmental support.  At two sites in North Carolina, EIC provided technical support for Title V Air Permit compliance and groundwater remediation of solvent materials. At another site in Georgia, EIC provided technical support in eliminating a perpetual solvent remediation program and negotiated a more effective remedial strategy under the new Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP).  At the same site, EIC conducted LNAPL recovery potential tests and installed efficient recovery wells for optimized LNAPL recovery.  In New Jersey, EIC assisted Vopak in establishing a strategy to properly define baseline environmental conditions to protect its interests from pre-acquisition liabilities.  At a former refinery in the Bahamas, EIC installed its unique non-aqueous extraction systems (NET) to remediate LNAPL with a 90% oil-water recovery efficiencies in a tidally influenced bedrock environment and installed remote fence-line air monitoring systems with data acquisition and monitoring systems.


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