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  Assessment/Remediation of Petroleum Releases  

Provided assessment/remediation for control and abatement of petroleum hydrocarbons at petroleum storage and conveyance facilities, including refineries, bulk storage terminals and service stations in California, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Developed innovative concepts to optimize both assessment and remediation efforts.

Developed quick and cost effective assessment techniques for the delineation of contaminant plumes. Developed unique assessment techniques including fingerprinting and spatial and temporal analysis to identify multiple sources of contamination. Conducted microcosm tests to assess the biodegradation potential of soil and ground water contaminated with petroleum and chemical constituents.

Developed innovative methods, such as the NET (non-aqueous phase liquid extraction technique) process - utilizing belt skimmers and mop systems - for the recovery of gasoline and fuel oil (grades 2 through 6) from small diameter (2-inch) to large diameter (24-inch) wells. Developed interim remedial methods for recovery of phase-separated hydrocarbons (PSH). Optimized recovery of PSH by redesigning existing remediation systems originally designed by other consulting firms. Recovered PSH using single pump, dual pump, skimmer pumps, and vapor recovery systems. Successfully negotiated and implemented in-situ biodegradation of LNAPL and DNAPL constituents at sites owned by large utility and industrial facilities.


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