Environmental International Corporation

Environmental International Corporation (EIC), headquartered in the Atlanta metro area, offers unique environmental solutions and innovative products in The Caribbean, The Americas, Europe, and Asia. EIC offers innovative products such as the NET System for NAPL assessment and remediation/recovery. Only EIC manufacturers and sells the original NETâ„¢. EIC also offers multimedia environmental services in air, noise, water, wastewater, hazardous waste, solid wastes, landfill, and related services for the energy industry, petrochemical facilities, manufacturing facilities, insurance and law firms, financial institutions, waste management industries, and government agencies. EIC has successfully conducted environmental assessment and remediation, site audits, litigation support, forensic engineering, waste minimization, water and wastewater treatment, and related services.

Our Global Reputation

EIC has an indelible track record in saving time and money on multimedia environmental projects for a broad cross-section of clients. While we understand the nuances of conducting work on a global scale, we have also successfully completed projects in 35 states within the USA. Here are some stats on our success!


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