Patented, Trademarked, and Copyrighted

EIC's principals invented the unique NAPL remedial tool known as the NET™. EIC principals invented the unique remedial tool known as the NET™ for nonaqueous phase liquids (NAPL) remediation and other patented and patent-pending technologies for assessing and remediating NAPL spills on land and water. The NET™ application has led to the elimination of perpetual NAPL liabilities at numerous sites across the United States as well as in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Germany, India, UAE, United Kingdom, and the US Virgin Islands. Currently, we are developing prototypes of several new patented and patent-pending products that are designed to solve other environmental challenges at the lowest lifecycle costs.   

NET™ System is a trademarked tool designed based on EIC's patent and copyrights in multiple countries.  This unique      tool recovers both light and dense nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL) with a 99% recovery efficiency from subsurface environments.  The device can be used both as an evaluation and remedial tool. 

EIC principal has received several additional patents from the United States Patents and Trade Mark Office and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.  Currently, EIC is developing prototypes on multiphase data logger and multitiered geostationary booms.  

EIC has a long track record in recognizing the need for newer and better solutions in assisting its clients with savings in time and money.  Based on the patents, copyrights, and trademark issued to EIC, it is evident that we develop practical solutions that provide value.