NET™ Recovers Creosote from Supefund Sites

Eliminating Perpetual DNAPL remediation and lowering the lowest lifecycle costs


AUGUST 2019, TEXAS, USA:  Since 2017, EIC has utilized its unique non-aqueous extraction tool (NET™) at several legacy creosote superfund sites in Texas. At the first site, the NET™ was utilized for recovery potential tests to determine long-term recovery of dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL). The DNAPL was composed of weathered creosote from legacy spills. The client is currently evaluating the feasibility of utilizing NET™ for long-term recovery. At the second site, EIC successfully installed two NET™ systems for long-term recovery of DNAPL composed of weathered creosote from historical spills. The NET™ systems demonstrated high recovery rates of creosote at 99% DNAPL-water ratios which is significantly higher compared to conventional pumping systems. At the third site, EIC conducted a preliminary evaluation of the site conditions to evaluate the potential for increasing remedial efficiency of the prevailing conventional DNAPL remediation system that had set the project on a perpetual remediation program at increased lifecycle costs.